The new single is dangerously spreading


The new single Liebe ist für alle da, which has not been officially confirmed yet is dangerously spreading on internet. Pirates are active and stole the song before its release.

Also this site is now in a big danger. It is very hard to review all the comments and forum threads and to control the content.

Please be advised that all posts containing links to the song (youtube, rapidshare, torrents or other) will be deleted. Additionally if you post them, a legal action may be taken against you due to a copyright infringement.

Please note that every time you post a comment, your IP address is stored and can be later used to prove your guilt.

In case we don’t manage to control the site we will be forced to close it to avoid any legal problems. Please keep it clean and legal.

UPDATE: first assholes have already commented this post with a link to rapidshare. If necessary, we will hire the best lawyers and will send you to prison for many years.


  1. RAMMSTEIN NINJA: real fans that have been waiting for 4 long years from their band….i think people deserve something for the wait…weather it it is stolen,pillaged,burnt and raped…its a very long time and plus…its 1 fucking song…woopty fucking doo*and a good one at that* i have no shame in getting the song, and neither should any of you because “he who waits diligantly shal be rewarded at the proper time”

  2. i cant blame people for wanting the new songs…its been how many years since the last studio song? people want there fav*and best band* in the whole wide world alot…and honestly i dont see any downsides for this right now…one “taste tester” and if it is as good as people say…thats gonna motavate a shit load more people to BUY the album…ending in a successful sale =D
    PS!R+ COME TO AUSTRALIA AGAIN!!! *include Adelaide*!!!!!

  3. “first assholes have already commented this post with a link to rapidshare. If necessary, we will hire the best lawyers and will send you to prison for many years.”

    you can publicize their ips with their location, a lesson in real internet anonymity

  4. I wonder if the FanArea has more information on the website. I mean if the single is supposed to be out this summer, then they barely have over a month to officially publish it. I can well imagine that the new single if it is to be released in August will be done very quickly. We have had absolutely no word of the single beyond what has been obtained illegally and what the band or their management has said. This tight lipped thing is actually really annoying, and even worse they demand we pay 24 Euros to go on a FanArea that for the last 3 years would have been a complete waste of money cause Rammstein enjoy their holidays (rightfully so)

    Thus I would like to know if the Fanarea fans have more info than we have (by we, I mean us that arent in the Fan area).

  5. I don’t think people are doing anything wrong by downloading the leaks if they buy the album later, hell the fact that I’ve heard on youtube it makes me want to buy their new album, the single, whatever else there is to come out even more. I plan to buy any special edition or DVD as well. I will say that some people have serious balls to distribute this kind of thing though…. have fun when the party van comes knocking at your door.

  6. I agree with the last two posts. if its SUCH A BIG deal, why were they so careless to allow it to be stolen. from what ive heard the management seems well up tight, its anoying. fans who lisened to it soo quickly will still buy the album. why doesnt the band update there site, thats the best way to get/keep people keen.

  7. Yes, it’s terrible that the song has leaked in this way. But I’m not in the least bit surprised. Rammstein’s Managment is so damn tight liped about everything, other bands like to share alot with their fans, and look at emigrate, they released some songs for LEGAL download. I’m also not surprised this song has spread like swine flu because of that reason. I heard the song on you tube thinking it was another hillarious fake, DAMN imagine my surprise when i heard, well the drumming made me think, hmmmm could be real, then Till confirmed it. I will buy the album, but i wish there was a way I could give the money only to Rammstein and not their bullshit managment

  8. It’s not that black and white, this is a huge grey area. Somebody in the inner circle of the band has fucked up bigtime by leaking this song to the internet. It’s kind of shortsighted to say that people who spread the song, have no intention of buying the album. I myself have everything by Rammstein in original state, and the new album will be no exception. To have the original cd has some advantages: you have the artwork, you can listen to it quite some time and not fear that your cd will wear out and most of all: you’re not operating illegally.
    So be sensible people: if you got the song, don’t spread it. Legally you’re wrong once you UPLOAD the song to the internet. Strange enough, in The Netherlands it’s not illegal to download something, as long as it stays on YOUR computer. Once you upload something, you are operating outside the law and therefore you can be prosecuted. The band asks everyone to delete the stuff and not publish it on any website. I say: support them.

  9. Real fans would not download the leak, that’s truly disrespectful towards Rammstein, they have worked hard to create incredible beautiful music for us and we should return the favor by avoiding piracy and report anyone with links or content with this piracy. It’s so repulsive how some people can be and I am truly sorry for Rammstein and as a true fan I will wait till they officially release their album to listen to their new material.

  10. very tempting to go and find it but ‘at the end of the day’ im not going to, i remember when reise reise came out whe i go the cd it was the best feeling ever. if i downloaded it and listened it to on my pc it would have been no where near as good. CANT WAIT TO BUY THE CD AND HEAR THE MUSIC FOR THE FIRST TIME!

  11. that song is great ! I am already addicted to it.
    will definetely buy that single ,and album of course.
    now just wishing that they would come to Estonia in 2010 🙂

  12. whoever steals rammstein’s new music…should be fed to tills meat clever 😀 and then should be burnt in a pot !

  13. I think it’s meant to mean “thanks Internet(you’ve ruined our website)”

    It’s also some sort of in joke following on from a previous thankyou thread that Jeremy posted in the other day where people were praising Jeremy’s contributions over the years. It’s a bit of a turnaround to go from being universally praised to having what ammounts to a concerted attack directed at your site.

  14. I think it’s very stupid of you to put up that the new single spreads on the internet on the front page of this website!
    Ppl will go “wow, must download!”. You could have just shutdown the forum temporarly because of “maintance” or sumthing, c’mon!
    If you really don’t want this to be spread on the internet you shouldnt write that it’s out!

  15. I don’t think it’s a kind of protest or punishment for people leaking the song. Jeremy and most of the moderating team there have been doing this a long time and are well aware that the internet is full of antisocial idiots.

    I think it’s more of a practical thing because Jeremy is unwilling to take the risk legal entanglements with management over the hosting of links to their copyright and because people were posting the links too rapidly for the volunteer moderating team to keep up. The mods and admins shouldn’t have to put up with that kind of crap: so they’re not.

  16. Yeah I want to know what happened to too, but it has something to do with the spreading of the song. I guess Jeremy decided to shut down the site before someone posts illegal material through it or something like that. Or he shut it in a protest way. “Thanks, Internet”, I think he said that in an ironic way referring to the song leaking.

  17. >Hey, does anyone know what happened to HERZELEID.COM?

    The same thing that I guess will happen here if people don’t stop posting banned materials.

    The law is irrelevant, Even the threat of legal action is more than fan site owners deserve to have to put up with. If people want to go fight a war with Pilgrim over what is or is not copyright violation then go buy your own hosting in your own name and do it there.

    People can find torrent trackers on their own, people can find youtube vids on their own: keep the fan forums clean! Most of the people posting these banned links have never done anyhing for the fan community. Jeremy hosted the best fan site on the web for 11 years and people repay him with this kick in the guts. Can’t tell you how angry I am.

  18. yeah it was kinda frustrating that someone put “liebe ist für alle da” to the internet, but there is also people who DON’T spread it, just wanted to listen it, like me. 😀

    although i cannot find myself as committing a crime, i bet the single is coming soon out.

  19. What if i’ve heard this song before it’s official release? What is a big deal about this? I will buy their album anyway… Maybe it’s better promotion for them to spread this song all over the internet?

  20. Well, considering the quality of the leak, most people who’ve donloaded it will buy the CD anyways.

    AS a matter of fact, many people would buy it even if the leak were a wonderfully mastered FLAC.

    All these screams about copyright infiringement…
    And yes, you can damn well hire “best layers” (sic) – i.e. laymen. For all this bullcrap about sending people to prison says quite enough of your infantility. And children do not hire good lawyers.

    One thing is true, though – posting links in a forum where such is discouraged is impolite, considering how many places out there exist where you can do that.

  21. I just wish they would tell us when the single is officially coming out. We need some official news already.
    What does the title mean by the way, in English?

  22. Please dont spreed pirate musica… i have to admit i saw it posted, i thought it was a fake and listen to it i was surprised when i realized it was a Rammstein song, far from that i already erase it waiting patiently, like the last 4 and half years for the album

  23. hey i want to know where i can buy it over here in america. i dont really like downloading stuff cause its illegal. i just cant get it offline.

  24. You can’t justify a crime (piracy IS a crime) with the fact that you want an artist to do more touring. It’s just wrong.

    I have to admit I’ve listened to certain leaked albums but with the difference that I won’t spread them any further and I commit myself to buy an original copy when the album hits shelves.

    If you like a band’s music, the best way to support them is buying the record. Not all bands get the chance to go everywhere. So yeah, I think a fan that pirates his “favorite band”‘s music is not very loyal at all.

  25. idk, i woulnd’t call them disloyal. my friend pirates music so the bands don’t make money on their cd’s and have to tour alot. they convinced a bunch of forums to do the same thing so it would work.

    Although it would be unwise to pirate rammsteins cd. Probably has high tech german anti pirate softweare on it. Like metalocalypse lol.

  26. some jerk who fucks with things that don’t belong to him leaked the song

    and then some rammstein “fans” help spreading it even more

  27. Wow it sucks how the song got leaked, I still wonder how pirates can do those things.. And it must be frustrating when you work so hard for two years and then an asshole steals your stuff and publishes it all over the web.

    I’m really excited about this album and I will buy it when it hits stores around here, can’t wait for it.

    We gotta be patients..

    Come on R+!! I can bet there are a lot more loyal fans than these bastards..

  28. Boys and Girls….no matter how great it is, we will all be buying the album…..just a bit strange it was leaked now…must mean the single is only days away

  29. Yes, they are on the verge of starving to death…
    The single will be out soon enough, and much better quality than whatever is floating around the internet right now. Might as well wait, it won’t be long.

  30. People just need to chill. If you really like Rammstien you would not Pirate their music. So please stop! Go out and buy the new album when it comes out in stores. Rammstein needs to eat. The fans need to support them.


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