Rammstein in Quebec City, Canada

We (girlfriend and I) heard that Rammstein was going to play in Quebec City, Quebec Canada, and at that very moment decided to make that our first priority over everything to get up there and see them (we’re from Houston, Texas). I had the chance when I was in high school to see them live but, instead decided not to go for just one band. Biggest mistake of my life.

Ever since, I’ve been watching DVDs of their live performances and kicked myself every time for not going to see them live. To see them live…there is not enough words to express the emotions that one goes through. The exhaustion of waiting in line for over 8 hours, the anticipation building up the hour before the gates are let open. The exhilaration of the crowd when the lights go down, the feeling of your heart stopping when the first explosions go off without warning. The feeling of one’s stomach dropping when they first appear on stage, and the sound of everyone in unison singing the lyrics along with Till.

The fear for Till as he’s risen about 20 feet into the air, so that he can pour a waterfall of sparks from what lookes like an old time milk container onto Flake as he lies in an old bath tub. Wondering what Till is going to do with that huge fueling station pump. Watching shocked as a “fan” gets past security, then gets on stage and starts cheering and jumping on Paul. Then watching him as he gets lit on fire by Till while he has this disgusted look on his face and gives him a few kicks. All too amazing. All of this happens all too fast, they leave you wanting so much more.

But, one of the most haunting feelings that I got after the show was done and completely over with, was watching the crew quickly tear down the stage, and wondering when the next time I was going to see them. Will they ever come back? I can only think of one way of describing the feeling of seeing them leave, and that is the feeling of seeing a best friend move far way. The feeling that I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye. The feeling of not knowing when I was going to see them again was a bit saddening. But I was left euphoric, mesmerized, and plain ol’ happy!

My most favorite parts of being there live is getting covered in soapy suds from the foam canon, and then getting covered in huge pieces of confetti. But one of the best feelings of going to see Rammstein live for me was, the feeling of not knowing what to expect. Watching videos on YouTube, and watching Rammstein on DVD does not give them justice. They must be experienced live!

I know I really didn’t review Rammstein, too many people have reviewed their shows and in far better detail then I ever could. But I wanted to give the reader a sence of what one feels, or what I felt, seeing Rammstein live.

for Affenknecht by Jesse H. (fatrabbit405) Houston, TX


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