Rammstein albums are now available on Spotify!

For those of you who are using Spotify this is a great news: as of now, you can listen to the albums of the German band Rammstein.

Who previously sought on the streaming service Spotify for music of Rammstein, found no more than an obscure “Ode to Rammstein”, but not the songs of the band from East Berlin.

They were among the objectors of the streaming model and were prominent in society with the Beatles and AC/DC, but also with other German bands like Die Toten Hosen or Die Ärzte.

Kevin Brown (picture from Spotify) Kevin Brown (picture from Spotify)

But this changed today’s morning: Rammstein can also be heard on Spotify, to the great joy of the European Director for label contacts, Kevin Brown. We have been in dialogue with the band for quite some time now, he says, and they had been convinced of the “opportunity to contact a new generation of music fans.”

The deal with Universal Music covers the fee-based music subscription service Spotify as well as the ad-supported version and applies worldwide. The catalog of Rammstein includes six studio albums, including the two double-platinum works “Mutter” (2001) and “Liebe ist für alle da” (2009).

The band released the last album “Made In Germany 1995-2011” at the end of 2011 under their own label in partnership with Universal Music.


  1. Well, it’s only natural that Rammstein would beat some washed-up skank like Taylor Swift in virtually any scenario, but I don’t understand what makes Spotify such a speshul snowflake. I mean, Rammstein’s been on iTunes for YEARS, not to mention practically every music streamer in existance. Is Spotify just hella behind, like SpecEd iTunes?


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