Rammstein will play at Provinssirock 2010


First of the headliners confirmed for next year’s Finnish festival Provinssirock is Rammstein. The three-day long festival is located in Seinäjoki, western Finland and is scheduled for June 18-20. Rammstein will play the last night of the festival, Sunday 20th June. After a quickly sold-out show in Helsinki, Provinssirock is the second Rammstein’s stop in Finland next year.

Source: gemmus.com


  1. btw, it is confirmed that R+ will play as a headliner at the pinkpop festival, 28th of May in Landgraaf, the Netherlands. They confirmed it yesterday, when they gave a show at the Gelredome in NL. I was there and it was wowie! =D

  2. they also confirmed to play at the pinkpop festival in the netherlands the 28th of may!
    presale is starting at december 12


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