Due to illness of a band-member, we regret to announce that the Rammstein-show on the 4th December 2009 at the Rockhal in Luxembourg has to be postponed. The show is rescheduled for January 31st, 2010. All tickets that are already sold will remain valid for the new date.


  1. Artiest Alert:
    Het Rammstein concert van vanavond gaat definitief door!

    Artist Alert:
    The Rammstein concert for tonight WILL occur as planned!

  2. If Till really has voice troubles I think its better they postpone the concert. I mean we are all ready waiting 4 years what is another month.

    @Michelle : Indeed I got tickets. pre-ordered like crazy. Hope they will come back to Rock Werchter or Pukkelpop. Or even better Graspop after all its Graspop their 25 years anniversary.

  3. Flake had a sore throat in Strasbourg and cancelled his interviews. I was backstage.
    Rammstein is a great band and they’re superb live, but I had the worst experience with them and their incredibly paranoid management the other day (I won’t go into any details except to say that their way of working is based on bullying). It’s a business and they have very clear strategies, and I’ve noticed this is true for every artists, which is normal because it’s how they make their living. However, as a fan I was disappointed.

  4. Hyde: You have seen them in Prague? ‘Cause I was there, too, and I didn’t notice anything. But I have to admit I was almost at the very top of O2 arena, so I didn’t see much.
    But I had an idea that the member who is sick might be Richard because of his surgery of knee some time ago. When I saw him “jumping” at the concert I was quite surprised that he is able to do it.

  5. i hope theyre not ill on the 19th.. we re flying to germany so i would not be able to go again even if it was rescheduled 🙁

  6. till has voice problems, thats why the show is canceled, according to a sms alert about the show in Arnhem-Netherlands.

    Hope its better sunday!!

  7. Till has troubles with his voice. They arrived today in Arnhem so we are still hoping for the best.
    From the Dutch Rammstein-hyves:

    Wegens stem problemen van Till is de show van 4 december gecancelt naar 31 januarie.

    Hoop niet dat dit gevolgen heeft voor 6 december.

    Denk dat ze het afwachten, en als het zaterdag nog slecht is dat ze gelredome ook aflassen.

  8. My brother went to luxembourg from the netherlands, he was reading this mesage in a newspaper in a bar, Hes missing the show tonight, Thats not funny, Hope evrything is ok in the netherlands. Im going with a bus with 27 people I organised this myself..


  9. I hope that the Rammstein concert in Arhneim well can play
    Im 12 years old(and speak English not very well:$)

  10. Philmeister!!! you got the tikets for Antwerpen?
    LUCKY !!!
    I traveling to Paris 9/12 in Bercy… I wish I could come back to Antwerpen with the band! LOL
    PS: the guys a doing a very tiring work!

  11. 10 December in Antwerp.

    Really hope they are healthy then.
    But luckily they reschedule the concert and not cancel.
    Cancellation would be terrible.

  12. Don’t you know who is the illness concerned with? And how serious is it? I hope it’s not Richard 🙁

  13. Which member’s sick? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Till, who looked quite exhausted when I saw him 10 days back.. And further more, I’m not surprised he fell ill, travelling across whole Europe and performing that tiring show every two days, they are really brave to do so.. I wish a smooth recovery!


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