Rammstein Radio video

Published: Apr 26, 2019
Album: Rammstein 
Director: Jörn Heitmann
Production Company: Katapult
Lyrics with English translation: Radio

“Radio” is a melodic industrial ditty that is not nearly as heavy as the first single, “Deutschland”. The video, directed by Jörn Heitmann and set in the early 20th century, features nudity throughout, as the band’s performance is transmitted over the airwaves.
Among the scenes in the video are a woman suckling a radio to her breast and a topless protester with the words “My radio is mine” written in German across her body. Meanwhile, an army of soldiers tries to break up Rammstein’s performance, only to end up dancing themselves.
At the climax of the video, the soldiers try to break up Rammstein’s performance by hitting them with batons. With a forcefield protecting the band, the soldiers give up and instead perform a dance routine to the song.
For as sinister and fascistic as it all looks, though, the German lyrics pretty much translate to Lindemann merely singing about how much he loves his radio. “I let myself suck in the ether,” he sings. “My ears become eyes … so I hear what I do not see.” Ultimately, it’s a statement against censorship and totalitarianism leading to a surrealistic finale.


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