1. Till said in this making of video that”this is not me”!Well,we all knows that Till,he he!But anyway,I think that they are really tuff to do something like this.I loved it,and they had a great time doing it.That`s the most importent that they have fun doing their things.I love the song Mein Land and the more I listen to it,the better it becomes.I can`t wait to see them in Oslo in february 2012!It is my first time to see them live!I have had the ticket since this summer,and I some times take them out of the envelope to look at it….he he he!!Well,for those of you who remember their first time attending to their shows,you know what I mean!!I hope they will keep up the work they do for a long time,they truly bring happiness to my life with their music.LOVE THEM,LOVE THEM,LOVE THEM…….!!!!!!!!

  2. Just what does the bass strap Ollie is wearing in the daytime shots mean? I don’t care, and I don’t want to start anything, but I never saw any of them wearing a rainbow strap. Probibly means nothing. Yea, I’m a dork.

  3. Good. Till and Ollie have shot down the rumors about them breaking up. At least give us one more good album boys!

  4. I really love the art of Rammstein.It is sophisticated and brutal it is heavy but poetic,it is dark but emotional…it is cruel and funny at the same time.For me Rammstein is “dadaism” in accords and performance.But this video on the beach is not deep enough to be artistic..it is not sarcastic it is not sophisticated,it looks fake,too juicy,too much American.We can mix non complementary stiles and opposite elements in art. That is what Rammstein do all the time but you cannot mix pop art and Gothic in this way and not to loose the depth.
    This is not Rammstein but it is not Lichtenstein or Andy Warhol either.Anyway I’m glad they had a good time :))

  5. very good making of video. I was intrigued by what Paul said early in the video. Something to the effect of “our Hollywood video was never released due to issues with the rights to it.” Does anyone on here know what he means? I thought I was a pretty knowledgeable Rammstein fan, but this is the first time I have heard about this.

  6. This is awesome. I love these behind the scenes too. The video is funny. Who would ever think of doing the twist dance to Rammstein? Nice to see conformation of Till not retiring. Schneider really enjoyed the ladies and it looks like everyone had fun! Most everyone I know loves Rammstein’s sound and lyrics, the music. The pyro is just a bonus. We are all very happy indeed when they take all of their equipment and bring the shows to the U.S. 😀

  7. I found one of the most interesting parts in that video to be when Paul said “I hope they don’t think we’re breaking up just because we’re releasing a “Best of” album”

    Then Till joked about it, and they went on to talk about how they’ll go on tour, go on a break, and likely end up back in the studio.

    I think that pretty much shoots down the breakup rumors that have been circulating.

  8. totally agree spartan-45. a detailed documentary of construction followed by a great live concert would be wonderful!

  9. I love these behind the scene’s videos. I would love a behind the scenes of one of their concerts. Stage set up, prep work, etc…


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