Rammstein related searches?

Time after time I am really wondering about what people are searching on this website. Here is a list of most searched (Unsuccessful search summary) terms in the last month:

buckstabu – definitely related to Rammstein’s song B********, there were also related searches: booksta boo and bueckstabu.
eisenmann – there were some rumors that this is the upcoming single from the Best of album. We have no such an info.
holzmichel – What the f. is “holzmichel”? Never heard of…
Rammstein – Pussy [Official music video] – you can get some details here. The official link is not active yet, as it has been replaced by ITDW video released later.
fuhrer mich – the right spelling is Führe mich (Lead me)
rammstein-himmler – Rammstein is not related to Heinrich Himmler, please stop the bullshit!
rammstein-hitler – the same answer like above
wandiemes hail – isn’t it Waidmanns Heil?
armour – this shall be probably Amour, for armour go here.
bayern – a little video about Bayern is here, the one you were seraching for is called “Rammstein – Bayern des samma mia

So next time please check your spelling and also if this site is really relevant to what you seek 🙂


  1. I get that this post is absolutely ancient, but Eisenmann ended up being a cut and then leaked track and I actually did find a translation for elsewhere so it would be awesome if that was on here somewhere.

  2. There’s a video on youtube claiming a song called Holzmichel is by Rammstein. Just do a search for “Rammstein Helzmichel”. It sounds to me like a remix of some rammstein songs, someone singing (not Rammstein) and the “Die Randfichten” song or something similar, lol. Perhaps it is actually a song by another German rock group.

  3. Holzmichel is a german word for Lumberjack.
    It is a song by German group Die Randfichten.

    And the title of the song is “Lebt Den Der Alte Holzmichel Noch”, which translates to “Does the old lumberjack still life”

  4. Actually, the Pussy music video is there, you just have to click on the text in the upper-left section of the page.


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