Rammstein Lip Dub Ist Für Alle Da

Right in front of You, probably the first Lip Dub dedicated to Rammstein Band. The video of the Te Quiero Puta was made and produced by the Official Polish Rammstein – Feuerrader Fan Club.

Any resemblance to people, places and events is coincidental. It’s best to watch the video having a glass of Tequila in hand 🙂 Bone Appetite!


  1. ‘Te Queiro Puta’ – Is 1 of the BEST Rammstein Songs!!!!!
    and I want to see it played live !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Um.. there is no such thing as “Rammstein’s worst song”, so I don’t know what you guys are talking about. And as far as fan made videos go, that was epic and must have taken a lot of work and imagination. Great job!

  3. Terrible video?

    Did you consider the fact this wasn’t done by a professional studio or anything, but by a bunch of Rammstein fans themselves? It’s very well choreographed, and assuming that every person in that video hasn’t done acting before, they did very good.

    Also… uhh… Wilder Wein isn’t even in the video.

  4. Yes, although I think it’s amoungst Rammstein’s worst, I think the song meanings fit very well with the video. Which in turn, the song meanings also tie in with a lot of other Rammstein’s messages in their songs. So I think it was well chosen.

  5. @Drama: +1 -> It fits. I (also) wonder if they could have done this video with a different song… and I’m not sure.
    [But, still, TQP… 😀 Anyway]

  6. Great job indeed! I’d love to see more like this from other fan-clubs!

    The song fit in the video pretty well I think, even if it’s not their best track.


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