Echo 2011 – vote for Rammstein

ECHO music awards are one of the greatest music awards worldwide. In 1992 ECHO joined Brit Awards and Grammy. Now you can vote for the best video, and of course vote for Rammstein’s Ich tu dir weh (Click on “Jetzt für dieses Video abstimmen!”)

Here you can see the award ceremony in 2005, when Rammstein won with a video for “Keine Lust”.


  1. Why Ich tu dir weh ? I would have gone for Pussy, it isn’t the best song but man that clip is so funny (like Keine Lust) And if they wanted something abit more classy they should have picked Haifisch. Ich tu dir weh is a great song but clip is kinda boring.

  2. I can understand German a little, so as i could catch, for to vote the registration is needed. The registration is free, easy and quick, the letter of confirmation is in German and it tells the standard info (as almost all the confirming letters do). So after clicking on the link here
    1. Click on “Jetzt für dieses Video abstimmen!“ on the new page
    2. In drop menu click on “Neu? Kostenlos anmelden!” (New? Free registrstion!)
    3. On the opend page fill in the registration form
    4.Click on “Jetzt kostenlos Anmelden
    After one is registered, log in, go to the page ‘vote for Rammstein’ and as it’s said above click on “Jetzt für dieses Video abstimmen!“ — done! Good luck guys.

  3. This is sad, but I can’t read german and would love to vote for Rammstein. I need someone who would kindly translate the site for me. Thank you.


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