Rammstein Cover Bands

As nearly every famous group, also Rammstein has a lot of cover artists. This is an unofficial list of some cover bands witch play Rammstein songs.

Radio Tapok

Russian cover band, that does mostly Rammstein, but not only. They are unique in that they actually try to translate original german lyrics into proper russian song

Their youtube channel


One of the best Rammstein cover band ever. They are also from Germany and the German language doesn’t seem to be a problem for them to pronounce. They already met the original








Official site of Feuerengel

Engelstein (IT)

Engelstein is the first Italian Rammstein tribute band. The project started in 2006 in Rome, to form a tribute who is able to recreate on stage not only the devasting sound of the Berliner sextet, but also to offer a unique show as only Rammstein can do.
Management + Contact:
E-mail: [email protected]

You can also support this tribute on Facebook:

Ramm Stein! CZ

One of the best Rammstein tribute bands comes from Dvur Králové nad Labem and was founded in 2004. The band plays rock clubs and festivals, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The original songs are a part of their concerts as well as high-quality pyrotechnics.

Management + Contact:

Phone: +420723704343
E-mail:[email protected]




  1. I’d like to point out Völkerball (under the name “Heldmaschine” for their own albums) and Stahlzeit, also called Maerzfeld.

  2. Rammen Steiner,Thanks for getting back to me with the info. It is Mr but just call me Wibble1. Have looked at your profile and where your next gigs are, will try and get up to one of them with my Rammstien mates who came to the London Concert with me. Nice to have a British Tribute band, good on you boys….. look forward to see you some time, keep on Rocking…

  3. Mr(or Mrs/Miss/Ms) Wibble
    I can’t seem to place a link on here but if you do a search for volkerstein on google you should find our official site. It’s normally the first or second entry that comes up. Failing that just place the three w’s in front and the dot com after and we’re there. All our current shows are listed within those pages.

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