Oliver Hartmann leaves Avantasia.


OLIVER HARTMANN has announced his departure from the AVANTASIA project:

“Now that it’s official, I want to share with you the news that I will not be participating in the upcoming Avantasia tour. Even though I think back on 23 wonderful years, during which I started out as a singer on anthems like “Sign Of The Cross” and have been a guitarist in the live lineup since the first tour in 2008 – and continuously since then – I just had to make this decision. Sure, I’ll miss those “adult school tours” and all the unique individuals who have become my friends, but it will also give me the opportunity to focus more on other musical tasks that deserve a little more time and space.

Good luck to you Avantasia boys and girls, and I’m sure we’ll meet at one of the festivals next year! And Arne, please take your time practicing your riffs, ha!”


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