New Till Lindemann’s project: “Na Chui”


As it turned out last “music video” which we know as “Till the End”, wasn’t exactly Lindemann band’s product, but a pilot work of Till Lindemann’s new project thats called “Na Chui” (which is actually russian curse word “Na Hui”, that can be approximately transalted as “F*ck off”.

We also know that in that last, basically porn clip played Charlotte Sartre:

We also know from one the girls that participated in creating this video, that it was recorded in St. Petersburg (Russia) and Vienna (Austria). But the most shocking and probably worst part is that, allegedly, most members of Rammstein band didn’t know that such things were going on behind stage as it was confirmed by Zoran Bihac, a director of both Platz Eins & Till the end.


  1. “na chui” means “fuck it”.

    “idi na chui” means “fuck off”.

    “Chui” means cock or dick.

  2. I don’t believe for one second, that Rammstein band didn’t sh*t like that went on behind stage for decades. I am sure they knew and even participated in that for a while. Maybe not anymore though.


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