New Single: Mein Land

The official site finally announced the song “Mein Land” (“My Country” in English) as Rammstein’s next single. According to the official announcement, this is the first single from the best-of album “Made in Germany 1995-2011″, and will be released on November 11st in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (with the international release date set to November 14th).

The single will be released on CD Digipack format (with 4 tracks) and 7” vinyl format (with 2 tracks). In addition to “Mein Land,” the yet unrealeased song “Vergiss uns Nicht” (“Do not forget us” in English) will be part of the tracklist. Remixes done by BossHoss and Mogwai are also included.

Finally, the music video for the song “Mein Land” – directed by Jonas Akerlund – will debut on November 11st, in the official site. This information can be confirmed here (in English).

UPDATE: As we have informed already in 2007 the song “Vergiss uns nicht” shall be a duet with a German rapper Bushido.


  1. why would they collaborate with a rapper? doesnt make much sense to me, but i guess it coule work. bushido isnt very good tho

  2. They are barefoot, wearing white pants, and long sleeved green and white checkered shirts, all are standing behind a surf board, lol. I could never forget my German brothers!

  3. ugh, Bushido sucks, did anyone hear the remix of Amerika with him? Terrible, and no Rammstein won’t go away, I pray for that, and I’m not religious, lol.

  4. Oh no… it really sounds like Rammstein are going to disband after this release. “Vergiss Uns Nicht”? C’mon… this is the end of Rammstein. :(((((


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