Liebe ist für alle da pre-order prices

I have collected some prices and created a list: (US customers) (UK customers) (German customers)

Rammstein Liebe ist für alle da – DeLuxe BOX
This info is totally unconfirmed and don’t take it seriously yet. There is a Deluxe box edition including six dildos, handcuffs and two CDs. Source.


  1. Cd’s in the UK only get released on Mondays, with a few exceptions (like the Beatles!) thus the UK is gonna’ be Monday the 19th

  2. It says on that the album will be released on the 19th of october!? What happened to the 16th???

  3. OH MY GOD I want that set if it is real, that will be the funniest thing to have! If only I coiuld afford it…


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