Rammstein Los lyric with English translation

Wir waren namenlos
Und ohne Lieder
Recht wortlos
Waren wir nie wieder
Etwas sanglos
Sind wir immer noch
Dafür nicht klanglos
Man hört uns doch
Nach einem Windstoss
Ging ein Sturm los
Einfach beispiellos
Es wurde Zeit

Sie waren sprachlos
So sehr schockiert
Und sehr ratlos
Was war passiert
Etwas fassungslos
Und garantiert
Das wird zensiert
Sie sagten grundlos
Schade um die Noten
So schamlos
Das gehört verboten
Es ist geistlos
Was sie da probieren
So geschmacklos
Wie sie musizieren
Ist es hoffnungslos
Sie sind gottlos

Wir waren namenlos
Wir haben einen Namen
Waren wortlos
Die Worte kamen
Etwas sanglos
Sind wir immer noch
Dafür nicht klanglos
Das hÃört man doch
Wir sind nicht fehlerlos
Nur etwas haltlos
Ihr werdet lautlos
Uns nie los
Wir waren los
We were nameless
and without songs
We were never again
really wordless
Still we are
a little songless
Yet we're not toneless
You can hear us
After a gust of wind
began a storm
Simply matchless
It was time

They were speechless
So totally shocked
And totally powerless
What happened
Somewhat composureless
and surely
That will be censored
They said groundless
Too bad about the music
So shameless
That should be forbidden
It's witless
what they're trying there
So tasteless
how they're making music
Is it hopeless
They are godless

We were nameless
We have a name
We were wordless
The words came
Still we are
a little songless
Yet we're not toneless
You do hear it
We aren't flawless
Just a bit anchorless
You will become soundless
You'll never get rid of us

We were less

Los features acoustic guitars, a bluesy electric guitar solo, and a harmonica. The rather curious lyrics may describe the experience of Rammstein as a musical group, and contain some interesting plays on words, such as “…sie sind gott…LOS!” (“they are god…less.”)


  1. The song is about how the band perceives itself and the reaction it has received over the years.

    They started out without any of their own material, slowly developed their sound and because sucessful.

    How they came from being nobodies to a major musical entity. They do not plan to go anywhere. Well at least when that song was written.

  2. fassungslos is not composureless (actually composure-less)… it’s the same as speechless, its is shocked, perplexed, stunned.
    But speechless (spracheloss) is besides also shocked , stunned and perplexed: dumbfounded, mute. So more the emphasis towards the unable to speak because of physical reasons and fassungslos more of psychological reasons. This is how I understand it anyway.

  3. “You will become soundless” – can also mean that maybe some people stopped listening to Rammstein because of the controversy of the shooting; and “You’ll never get rid of us” – they gave Rammstein a bad reputation and Rammstein are sometimes still mentioned and blamed when a school shooting occurs.

  4. I think the song was written about the kids from the Columbine massacre. They listened to Rammstein and some people claim Rammstein’s music had influence on their actions. One of the kids claimed to be god… Here’s a picture of a note he wrote, that’s the first thing he wrote and there are bits of Rammstein’s lyrics there too http://acolumbinesite.com/yearbook/rebsig.gif

    So, “they are God” – the kid thought he was God; “they are godless” – they have no morals because they shot the other kids. The rest of the song is about how they were nameless, kids that no one cared about and after the shooting they became known by the public. The first part of the song would be on how the kids may have thought to do that because of the songs, but if they thought that the songs were telling them to do it, they didn’t understood the meaning of the lyrics “Still we are a little songless” (they didn’t get the lyrics’ meaning in spite of hearing the music and quoting it).

    “Yet we’re not toneless
    You can hear us
    After a gust of wind
    began a storm
    Simply matchless
    It was time” – this refers to when they went to do the shooting and how everyone payed attention to them because of that.

    “They were speechless
    So totally shocked” – the reaction of the people to the shooting.

    “Too bad about the music
    So tasteless
    How they’re making music” – Till is saying that people who think the songs told them to do that are giving a bad name to music.

    “You will become soundless
    You’ll never get rid of us” – they killed the people, so the people became “soundless” and they made history with the shooting, “you’ll never get rid of us”.

    I think this interpretation really makes sense.

  5. Thanks Maria! That helps a lot. I think it’s better to have more than one translation. I thought yours seemed to make more sense in a lot of places.

    The second verse is clearly about critics who have called their music obscene and blamed it for violence. But I have a much better understanding of the “sie sind gott…los” line now. Before I though Till was just saying it himself, but now I’m sure he’s paraphrasing his critics from “Sie sagten grundlos” all the way through “gotloss”. So, he’s saying they said the band is godless, but he’s kind of saying the band IS god.

  6. We had no names
    and no songs
    Totally speechless
    we haven’t been since
    a bit off-key
    we still are
    yet not sound-less
    everyone can hear us
    after a blast of wind
    a storm broke loose
    It was about time (just in time)
    Go !
    They were speechless
    Very shocked
    And very desperate
    What happened
    a little clueless
    and for sure
    therefore they censored
    they said, without reason
    shame about the music
    so shameless
    it should be illegal
    there’s no soul
    in what they’re trying
    very tasteless
    they way they conduct music
    it’s hopeless
    they are god
    We had no names
    we have one now
    we we’re speechless
    the words started flooding
    a bit off key
    that, we still are
    but not soundless,
    one can hear us no matter what
    we are no angels
    just a bit controversial
    you’ll be still
    and we’ll be here forever.
    Go !

    Just a try, no harm intended.

    • I thinks you are correct there, the translation is being looked from the wrong angle.
      To begin with Es wurde Zeit and then after a pause he says Los, so indeed its not timeless because thats 1 word in German (zeitlos). As you (sort of, I think 🙂 )correctly translated ‘ It was time. (pause) Go! ‘

      • it’s a play on words, it’s just a dramatic pause ICH BIN GOTT…LOS (I am god…less)
        Like “Aha you thought I was gonna say that but I said this instead”

  7. Actually I think “Gott… los” is one of the few where “-less”
    (“godless”, “gone from God”) is the correct translation 🙂

  8. oFzo, you right here, this is a classic meaning of double interpretations for this song, Los, by it self is used as a command for Go!, from what my family has said. And this meaning can be used where there is a pause between the word and los. Thus Sie sind gott los = They are god less or They are god Go! … at least from my understanding

  9. In my opinion there’s more to “los” than just “-less”.
    Yes, many German words ending with “-los” would end with “less” when translated to English.

    However, although my understanding of German is far from perfect I’m rather sure “los” also means something along the lines of “Go!” or “loose”, “free”.
    That way “Wir waren los” becomes something like “We went for it” or “we were set free”, etc.

    • also agreed on this one . They look at it from the wrong perspective. In my opinion to it’s los = Go maybe free, not sure. But the not from the less perspective.


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