Rammstein Ich Will lyric with English translation

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Ich will das ihr mir vertraut I would you to trust me
Ich will das ihr mir glaubt I would you to believe me
Ich will eure Blicke spuehren I want to feel your eyes on me
Jeden Herzschlag kontrollieren Every heartbeat to control
Ich will eure Stimmen hoeren I want to hear your voices
Ich will die Ruhe stoehren I want to disturb to silence
Ich will das ihr mich gut seht I want you to see me clearly
Ich will das ihr mich versteht I want you to undearstand me
Ich will eure Phantasie I want your phantasy
Ich will eure Energie I want your energy
Ich will eure Haende sehen I want to see your hands
In Beifall untergehen Neglectable in your aplause
Seht ihr mich Do you see me
Versteht ihr mich Do you understand me
Fühlt ihr mich Do you feel me
Hoert ihr mich Do you hear me
Koennt ihr mich hoeren Could you hear me
Koennt ihr mich sehen Could you see me
Koennt ihr mich fuehlen Could you feel me
Ich versteh euch nicht I don´t understand you
Wir wollen das ihr uns vertraut We want you to trust us
Wir wollen das ihr uns alles glaubt We want you to believe us all
Wir wollen eure Haende sehen We want to see your hands
Wir wollen in Beifall untergehen We want to die in your aplause
Koennt ihr mich hoeren Could you hear me
Koennt ihr mich sehen Could you see me
Koennt ihr mich fuehlen Could you feel me
Ich versteh euch nicht I don´t understand you
Koennt ihr uns hoeren Could you hear us
Koennt ihr uns sehen Could you see us
Koennt ihr uns fuehlen Could you feel us
Wir verstehen euch nicht We don´t understand you

This song is about desire to be seen and heard. It can also be described simply as a song to pump up the crowd and get their attention. Though the video deals with the media’s obsession with a good story.



  1. In the 1st verse: “Ich will das” is “I want you” not “I would you”
    In the chorus “Konnt” is can, not could

    Seeing how there are 9yr old comments and this still isn’t fixed I doubt it will be….

  2. Am I the only one on here currently? It’s January 2016…. anyone else still into Rammstein? I am sure you are. Either way, this song is good to get one into the mood to wake up. Great work out song, too.

    • I’m here! Love this song. Trying to learn the correct pronunciation of the lyrics. I rock out to Rammstein all day every day and never get tired of them.

  3. i saw rammstein live at ‘big day out’
    they played rammlied first then ich will not to mention i was at the very front looking up at them. it is a memory i will always remember, it’s so sad to hear their best of album is coming out

  4. I love this song along with most of their worl, specialy ich tu dir weh…and it inspired me to learn a new language..and im on my way to understanding words and how they are spoken for example, when they use the w on a word they pronounce it as a v and on their R’s they really have a strong accent with that one, I Love Rammstein so freakin much!!!!!

  5. The lines with “in Beifall untergehen” looks weird… I would think it means “to go down in applause” (as opposed to going down in flames…), or maybe “to undergo your applause”. I mean, my German isn’t that great, but really, how does “something worthy of being ignored” (neglectable) have anything to do with “applause”?

  6. If you aren’t satisfied with the given translation, try making one for yourself:

    http://www.dict.cc/ is an extensive open-source English/German dictionary. Here’s hoping the moderators play nice and don’t delete my comment because there’s a link in it.

  7. Agreed with DalekDave wow and this suppose to be the best Rammstein’s lyrics traducer right?
    btw still don’t get it when in columbia few years ago mb 10 eyars ago 2-3 childrens burns they school all fault fall on rammstein because they listen Rammstein omfg morons was Them Parents fall cuz they don’t buy some tickets for them childs on Rammstein’s show:P am i righ?


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