Lindemann era is over (for now)


Peter Tägtgren released following message on his official Facebook profile, confirming that both Till and Peter will now focus on Rammstein and Pain instead of Lindemann project:

Hello everybody!

So it has comes to this day; the Lindemann era is over for this time.
But it might be a third video later. We’ll see.
Now it is time for me and Mr Till Lindemann to go back to our normal jobs.

But don’t you worry, we will write more crazy, freaky songs together in the future.

Till and the guys in Rammstein have started to write songs since a month back.
Me, I have about 4-5 PAIN songs almost done.
A full, brand new, PAIN album will be released in the end of the summer of 2016.
I will aslo bring PAIN back to festivals the next coming summer. The summer of 2016.
And in September-October will we follow up the album release with a tour.

I will update you more frequently from now on.

Enjoy your life and think positive even if the world might looks dark sometimes.




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