EUR 45,000 damages for unauthorized use of line “featuring Rammstein”

“Apocalyptica” has to pay 45,000 Euros in damages for trademark infringement and naming rights before the Regional Court of Berlin to the group “Rammstein “.

For their album “Worlds Collide” from the year 2007, the Finnish cellist group Apocalyptica recorded with various guest musicians, including Till Lindemann, singer of the band “Rammstein “.

The album was then advertised by the line “featuring Rammstein”. This happened nationwide with ads in magazines, city light posters and stickers on recordings. Consent of the band “Rammstein” was not present.

This was settled by a proposal by the court, the parties agreed to the payment of 45,000 € as a reasonable royalty. The file number of the procedure is as follows: 16 O 570/08.



  1. Pilgrim Management will never miss a chance to get richer while doing absolutely nothing. Except for harassing Rammstein fans, of course, while the bandmembers are doing all the basics of Fialik’s job themselves AND take the blame for Emu’s screw-ups, which just never stop coming. But yes, PM loves to file lawsuits! Anyone remembers what _this_ site used to be called?
    (P.S. I couldn’t ‘read comment rules’, that page doesn’t load.)


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