Combichrist will support Rammstein



The name of the band supporting Rammstein on during their upcoming tour is revealed.

Combichrist was formed in 2003 by Norwegian Andy LaPlegua (founder of the band Icon of Coil) as an aggrotech project.

In 2003 Combichrist released the LP The Joy of Gunz. On Halloween 2003 the limited edition EP Kiss The Blade was released, and sold out in weeks. In 2004, The second EP, Sex, Drogen Und Industrial, spent 7 weeks at number one in the DAC charts. The same time Sex, Drogen Und Industrial was released, a limited edition white-vinyl 12″ for Blut Royale was produced, and sold out quickly.

2005 saw the release of Everybody Hates You and it was at this time that the band began labeling their music as “Techno Body Music” or TBM.

The band released a song called “This is TBM” on the Out-of-Line compilation Techno Body Music volume 1. The release of Get Your Body Beat in 2006 turned out to be a commercial breakout for the band. In 2007 What the Fuck Is Wrong with You People? was released, becoming a best seller for both Metropolis and Out of Line records. Combichrist released their newest album “Today We Are All Demons” on Jan 20th 2009. They have a new percussionist, Trevor Friedrich, formerly of Eighteen Visions and Imperative Reaction, for the tour.

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  1. Saw the Rammstein concert in Wells Fargo Center, Philly. The pre-“music” played for 30 minutes. I wanted to stab my self in the head! It’s all repetitive. And why play on the same music that we will be hearing shortly?? They sucked. Period. Worst and most annoying band I’ve ever seen. Next to Skrillix!

  2. Crappy as Icon of Coil and even worse as CombiChrist. Panzer AG was the best project yet from him. Vocals are absolutele crap.

  3. It’s not as simple as “no guitars = shit”, Gyull123. The correct equation is “shitty music = shit”. Combichrist sucks.

  4. Don’t see the problem here.
    I’m glad it is a different style band although I’m not a huge fan.
    Remember that Rammstein has been support act for Project Pitchfork in the past.

  5. I agree Combichrist are an awesome band, i cannot stand people that think “no guitars – rubbish. not heavy music – rubbish.” open your minds just a little bit eh!

    Still no news on 2010 support??

  6. This is fantastic! Rammstein are my all time favourites (there are no better bands in this world, just so you know), and Combichrist is a really really good band as well. To see them both at the same day, it’s gonna be amazing!

  7. on the rammstein website it says Combi Christ are playing but for the ones after christmas it dont say them or anyone does anyone know if they are playing for them shows or not

  8. Rammstein are my favorite band in the world! I Have seen Combi Christ about 4 times and i love them. I think you should all see them and give them a chance before you start slating them!

  9. To me it’s more like goa-psytrance. This isn’t industrial. Or even Electro-industrial. Liked apocalyptica more as warming up act.


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