Additional shows in Mexico announced


Due to high demand and for our many die-hard fans in Mexico Rammstein decided to switch an off – into a concert day. So, prepare for another Rammstein Concert on May 27th in Mexico City! Tickets will be available from march 21.


  1. Everyone hates America but i’d like to see their lives without it. I dislike my country for many reasons but hating Americans is just ignorant and quite frankly retarded. We dont all love our government and think were better than everyone else. The media controls everything. They only show what is convenient for them and ignore those who want to make their country a better place. As soon as I have enough money im moving to Europe.

  2. They seem to ignore us. The first date hasnt even sold out yet. Its in a city of over 20 million people. If there was a huge demand they would have sold it out within minutes. Theres an even bigger demand in the US and they completely skipped the Southeast. There may be hope. Their last announced date is very close to Texas. Their Mexican dates take them first South then up North. If they were going to South America it would make sense to move their way down, but instead they move down then back up. Maybe theyll hit the US again.


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