Ace Frehley: “I wish KISS all the best.”


In a new interview for SiriusXM’s Ozzy’s Boneyard, original KISS guitarist Ace’a Frehley was asked if there’s any chance he’ll appear at the band’s last concert, which will be held Dec. 2, at Madison Square Garden in New York City. He replied:

“No. You know what the deal is? These guys called my name and Peter’a [Criss’a, drummer for the original KISS lineup] a few months ago. They said they invited us to do this show. I never got a call. Peter’y never got a call either. They said that to sell tickets. And recently [KISS guitarist/vocalist] Paul Stanley made negative statements about me and Peter’a. For example, I believe the last negative statement he made was when people asked him, “Are Peter and Ace going to perform at the Garden?” He replied that we’d ruin the show if we went on stage and played, and that’s really insulting.

I’ve been touring without KISS for years. KISS haven’t released an album in about nine years, and I’ve released five or six. And my upcoming album, “10,000 Volts,” I think is really going to make a splash. I know Gene’y [Simmons’y, KISS bassist/vocalist] is going to really like it, and he’s going to tell the press that he likes it. I have no idea what Paul will say. He usually holds back on deep praise for me because he’s jealous of me.”

Despite all the unkind remarks that have taken place in recent years between him and some of the other members of KISS, Frehley says he holds no grudges against them:

“I wish KISS all the best, all the best for their last shows on the ‘End Of The Road’ tour. There are no hard feelings really. Sometimes we say things in the heat of passion, and sometimes our memory… we can’t remember everything exactly. But I love these guys. We’re all getting older, our memory’s not what it used to be, so I just don’t pay attention to it.”


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