20 years after accident at Ramstein city

Ramstein accident

It was one of the worst air shows in history. It is now twenty years after 28th August 1988 when 70 people died after the collision of three machines in Ramstein, Germany. More than four hundreds were seriously injury. Those who survived live with the mutulation effects to this day.

It took seven seconds, which changed the fate of thousands of people. It was 15 hours 44 minutes and one of the largest outbreak of air tragedies. Towards the audience began valit huge fire blast, the remains of the aircraft were flying everywhere. Panic. Screaming. Scene from the Vietnam War. But instead of napalm was there burning kerosin – and after that burning flash. No more singing birds.

Source: iDnes


  1. boah, ich wär gerne dabei gewesen, aber ich hätte nicht gern gewollt, dass etwas mit mir passiert! ^^


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