Update on Upcoming Tour and Next Live DVD

Christian Flake Lorenz was interviewed by the japanese magazine “Burrn!”, while Rammstein were touring north-america in May. Flake confirmed in that interview that the concerts of New York and Montreal from past December were indeed recorded, and will be used as material for the next live DVD. A spanish translation of the original interview can be found at Rammstein Mexico.

Regarding the upcoming tour, Christoph Schneider gave an interview to the mexican television channel “TeleHit”, where he confirmed that such tour will indeed have a new setlist, comprised of Rammstein greatest hits. You can view the interview here (in english, with spanish subtitles).

Finally, concerts for Finland and Belgium have already sold-out, within hours after tickets were put on sale. You can confirm this information here.


  1. Hahaha, I love how Schneider goes all “OMG!” when he finds out what “Te Quiero Puta!” means x’D

    And omg, new setlist and new show! It doesn’t get any better than that – now I really can’t wait! xD
    Sure there’s gonna be a lot of hits/singles/classics on the best of/setlist, but I just really hope that they’ll put on some of the less famous songs too – come on, just do it for your hardcore fans! :’D And “Bück Dich” HAS to be among them!! xD

  2. @ Csaba
    Well, I think they will play Mein Land (as the last one) Du Hast, Ich Will, Pussy, Links234, Sonne, (Mutter?) Engel, DRSG, ITDW surely will be on the list.
    Personally I’d love to hear Tier again, coz that is realy good in live. Rammstein will be the opening song. And don’t foget Haifisch – best performance of this song was at the RAR2010.
    Bück Dich? …etc.


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