Tour dates for Latin America announced


Rammstein is going to Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico!

The long waiting is over, as the following tour dates are now confirmed:

November 25th, Santiago, Chile
November 27th, Buenos Aires, Argentina
November 30th, Sao Paulo, Brazil
December 3rd, Bogota, Colombia
December 6th, Mexico City, Mexico


  1. Why most rock bands still play concerts only in São Paulo everytime they come to Brazil? What about the other cities, like Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre? I’m so out of money right now. Damn :/

  2. How much are the tickets for mexico city? I really want to go but don’t understand their currency. Can someone tell me how many american dollars those tickets cost???

  3. Moscow-Mexico air tickets cost 1000 euro, wtf! Ok, will be waiting for Europe gigs, hopefully in spring.

    Hanazonohigashi, congratulations, I’m really happy for you guys)

  4. What is up with everybody complaining about them not going to every single European country? In Europe, you take a few hours and drive over a border to see them. I’m sure they’ve gone to countries around Hungary before, right? And congratulations, Latin America, you have won the Rammstein raffle, and recieve a series of shows!!!

  5. Don’t be so selfish guys, I’m happy that fans in Latin America will see them. I’m sure they will go to USA next year, just be patient. And I hope they will go to Hungary again (with full setlist, with Weisses Fleisch and Engel again), they were sooo amazing. 🙂

  6. I’m waiting for 9 years, for Rammstein return to Mexico, yeah…. The last time was in August 5th. 2001…… please don’t cancel it…

    Sorry my english… =^_^=

  7. ohhh the U.K sonisphere fest.- this year was sublime ! due to Ramm being there!!! hee hee! i dont wanna wait too long to see them legends agaain!!!!!!

  8. “The long waiting is over.” Yeah, for Latin America. I mean no offense to Latin Americans, North America wants Rammstein too!!


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