Till providing vocals for Apocalyptica


“According to apocalyptica-club.net, Till Lindemann from Rammstein will be providing vocals on the track Helden (Heroes) on Apocalyptica’s upcoming album World’s Collide due to be released on September 14th (for European countries with Friday releases) and on September 17th (for European countries with Monday releases). I did not see any
mention of a North American release, but if there is one, it would likely be September.

From a pre-listening that apocalyptica-club.net had, this is what they had to say about Helden:
Rammstein’s Till Lindemann is also represented here with the covertrack “Helden”, which will be the only German text on “Worlds Collide”. When Till sings “Doch können wir siegen für immer und immer und sind dann Helden für einen Tag.” he leads the listener through depths and hights.”

Source: Johanna, apocalyptica-club.net


  1. Oh god thank you whatever forces are divine in this world that made this shit happen!

    Thank you, thank you… THANK YOU!

  2. Xternal….I was first to publish this ….why doesn't the wroldPress work?

    anyway good news, I'll be delighted to listen the david-bowie covered by them


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