Till Lindeman Birthday – correction


We are terribly sorry for a mistake we did in the previous post “Till Lindemann’s 49th Birthday“. As a result we hired a photographer who took a picture yesterday from Till’s party and we exclusively bring it to you! We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the mistake when lead singer of Motorhead head was shown instead.

Till Lindemann celabrates
Till Lindemann celabrates


  1. C’mon guys don’t bitch every thing like this.If this is just a joke it’s nothing to be hung on 🙂 I think Till would only laugh a line if he saw this 😀 SEI RUHIG!

  2. LOL! HAHAHAHAHA! Stop takin’ life so seriously! Till rocks today better than he did yesterday…and will continue to do so…There is NOTHING you can do to unsexify this man…You’re beautiful, Till…not even Photoshop can take away your beauty!

  3. It’s always amazed me how some people on this site are Rammstein fans when it’s obvious they lack a sense of humour. Till’s lyrics must go right over their heads’


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