The Biggest Things that Happens Behind the Scenes in Concert Tours

Concerts aren’t as true as they the artists show. They are humans too and tend to forget the lyrics, a mistake they can’t do while performing in front of thousands of fans and haters who are ready to criticize them.

Do you want to know what happens behind the stage during the concerts of big stars like Rammstein, Metallica, Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath?

The Top Behind the Scene Events in Concert Tours

Here is what happens behind scenes of biggest concert tours, which you would’ve never guessed if we didn’t tell you!

1. Using telepromoters

We know that reporters use a big black screen to read news from, which is placed behind the camera. You’ll be surprised that singers use it too, to read lyrics while their performances.

Most of them are artists who’ve sung more than 50 to 60 songs and are asked to perform a song they haven’t sung in the past 10 years.

2. Using backing tracks

For the same reason as mentioned in the first points, singers use backing tracks in case they can’t remember the lyrics or the audience is too loud for them hear music through their earphones.

Almost every single song has scripted keyboard tracks, flake plays most of the time samples and non-complex stuff like simple chorus lines, the organ in hallelujah or piano in Zerstoren, he doesn’t really play a lot, but sometimes there are sounds that are just better pre-recorded, like in Feuer Frei, he only plays the crazy high pitched part, the bridge is too complex to play it anyway

During his India tour, Justin Bieber had come under scribing for using backing tracks. He gave a reason saying that Indian crowd was too loud for him to listen to his own voice and was left with no choice.

3. Falling down is easy

The stage is lit up with at least 20 spot lights so that fans from each and every corner from the stadium or venue can clearly see the artists. However, these spotlights blind the performer completely and one extra step can send them toppling down into the crowd.

4. They take their personal chefs around

If you are considering a career in culinary arts, you just got lucky. Become a personal chef and travel the world, meet the best artists, and live the life like nobody else.

On the picture above, you can see how Rammstein were eating during the Mutter tour!
On the picture above, you can see how Rammstein were eating during the Mutter tour!

Being a personal chef is a big responsibility as you have to go grocery shopping, farmer’s market shopping, and make sure their tour bus has every food they like, even if it is the weirdest demand.

Even if Till Lindemann is able to cook himself, he is doing it only on the stage. The band is then hiring a chef to cook for them
Even if Till Lindemann is able to cook himself, he is only doing it on the stage. The band is then hiring a professional chef to cook for them

5. Decorating the dressing room

Singers have a special crew members who visits the dressing room before they go to decorate and make it look homely. Being a famous singer definitely gives you the advantage of getting spoiled and attended to because who doesn’t want to be associated with them. The singer will be spending several hours there, so crew member rents chairs and sofas and decor pieces to make them feel welcomed.

Till Lindemann & Christoph Schneider in their backstage room
Till Lindemann & Christopher Schneider in their backstage dressing room

Some demands can be absolutely outrageous. An audio engineer who chose not to be named said that a singer who was scheduled to come to the talk show, Top of the Pops in London asked the crew to change color of the walls. She also demanded to have a double bed in the dressing room and covered with 1,000 count Egyptian sheets.

Which of these do you find the most interesting? Let us know below!


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