Some news about this site

Hi all, I am glad to inform you, that all links from the former website will be redirected to

Thank you all for the donations you made, now it’s about 6 % of the required amount, thank you very much. If you feel, you can still increase it, it would be welcomed. I paid the rest to keep it alive (oh god, be generous to me in following years).

About the forum: it will be reopened after some more adjustments. I don’t want to be in danger that someone links bad content. I was advised by my lawyer and signed a document, that I will re-register the domain name to Rammstein management. We don’t want anyone to be confused and our new name shall be clear for the newcomers that we are just a fansite, not the official site for Europe. The domain will be transfered about in a month, till this time I can inform all visitors about this change.

I was also informed by the legals that they are now checking the content of the website and will inform me if everything is OK. The forum will be probably reopened after this verification step. Unfortunately I can not say exact time. Upon receipt of further information I will update you accordingly.

Now I will write some news about the desired single…we expect it soon.

I love you all!


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