1. I’m pretty surprised at the level of ignorance displayed by people who are willing to watch a show where a dude sits on a giant nob and sprays them with foam. You’re all entitled to your opinion on music (personally I thought combichrist were bollocks) but to say a band has no right to support another is stupid. Skunk have been going years. They’re great performers. Just because they’re not industrial or metal doesn’t mean they shouldn’t been playing. Incompatible support bands is nothing new. I mean I’ve seen Sylosis support Dragonforce. You’re all fans of one of the most liberal bands around and yet you’re all so closed minded

  2. omjeez thats just pathetic everything about that band is pathetic and as for combi wer shit at birmingham…anyone with a bodybeat knows they werent.id never heard of em b4 but i got all their albums thanks to them supporting ram at birmingham.i think if uv got rythym youll like combi and if u dont got no bodybeat u most certainly wont…andy aint a screamo he is the eptimome of masculinity he couldnt fuckin scream if till an his pink phallic object jumped on his ass…..it would prob sound more like a roar…. ummm thats fuckin sexy.combi over anyother band to support ram thank u

  3. Rather have Combichrist insted of Skunk Anansie!
    But will there not be any more supporting acts durring the Berlin shows?

  4. Funny…Rammstein was on tour with Soulfly and Skunk Anansie back in 1999 here in the states…saw them in Worcester, MA…they weren’t so bad…don’t know about now…

  5. This has got to be a joke. This band is nothing like R+. Combichrist only has a few good songs but they have a hell of a lot more R+ like material. No way.

  6. I agree with No.1-Ramm-Fan – Combichrist were crap at Birmingham. It was just some screamo singer and 2 drummers beating the crap out of their drums…

  7. combi-christ were awful (at the wembley gig)!!!! – ANY band could support RAMMSTEIN better than they did! i would rather have Mr Blobby support!!!

    i say bring back Clawfinger ! they are an awesome band that would get any crowd ready for the “best in the business” 😀

  8. Decent band but I have to agree with Sam. They aren’t a decent support act for Rammstein. Skunk is a little bit to slow. It just doesn’t feel like a band to put as a Rammstein support act.

    But anyway I think if you go and watch them most of you will still enjoy Skunk. And don’t forget after that you get a mind blowing concert, from the best in the business. RAMMSTEIN
    You probably wont remember a thing from the support act.
    At least that was my experience.

    Combi who?


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