Rumors spread that Rammstein are responsible for Florence fire


According to, rumors have “gone wild” that Rammstein set pop star, Florence Welch’s, Machine instruments aflame. The trailer fire happened during Florence’s tour in Germany, destroying the band’s instruments. Rumors that Rammstein are being investigated for arson remain unconfirmed. Apparently, Florence Welch doesn’t seem too bothered by the situation, stating, “You could hear the harp’s strings ping in the fire. Strange sound. We recorded it and I want to use it in a song,” she told The Sun.

The Florence and The Machines tour has not been delayed and is set to continue despite the unfortunate incident, with new instruments.

For those of you getting upset, these are nothing more that unconfirmed rumors. Since the rumor involves Rammstein, however, I felt a need to post it.



  1. I hope it wasn’t Rammstein. If it was, it had better not have been on purpose because that would be shameful.


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