RockOne : interview with Paul Landers


The 57th issue of the magazine RockOn has been just published in the kiosks. This issue contains an interview with Paul confirming some information on the new album and reveals new details.

The name of the new opus is confirmed, it will be Liebe ist für alle da and its release is scheduled to November 20th (unreliable).

Paul tells us that the bonus songs will be released on singles and that normally there will be a special version of LIFAD with three bonus tracks: “We have therefore provided a very good song that can be exploited later.”

According to Paul, a second single is expected and will probably be “Ich tut dir Weh”. In this the interview, Paul also explained again the process of writing the album and showed few jokes.

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  1. When mentioning “the new opus”- does it refer to the next SINGLE or to the whole ALBUM? I mean, the official Rammstein site talks about middle October to be the release date…

  2. That’s my birthday! That would be more than awesome, but I had heard that it’d be released in October (the official site). But only time will tell…


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