Restrictions for journalist photographers


During the Rammstein show at the Wiener Stadthalle on Saturday were no agency Journalists / photographers allowed. Also in Germany, Rammstein wants to allow only photographers under strict restrictions.

Moreover, it was fixed in the contract that Rammstein may use the images free for their own purposes. The Treaty should allow the band to use some photos for websites without extra compensation. The German Journalists’ Association (DJV) has already protested and called on the record company to withdraw the photo contract.

The whole thing does not surprise me at all. Please let me know into comments if you have experienced this behavior also with other bands.



  1. As a journalist, I think it’s unfair to not compensate the photographers for their work. By law, they own the copyright, not Rammstein. However, at the same time, I would be very flattered if they decided to use my photos on their site. I would love to photograph them next time I meet them, something different from a live environment.

    There are some artists who are paranoid about their photos. Maynard had some ridiculous guidemines when he was touring with A Perfect Circle a few years ago. Some other artists want to see the photos and approve them before publication (not practical when you work for a daily). But generally speaking, most bands are cool. U2 even encourage fans to take photos!

  2. KMFDM is so much better about this kind of stuff :\, i stood front row and took tons of pictures of the band during the concert (and a few after), they were super chill about it. if i can’t bring my camera into the rammstien concert i’m going to have a fit :[

  3. I wonder why they did that. I craving for good quality photos from their shows, and it’ll be impossible if they don’t allow professional photographers in their concerts.


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