1. @Jimmen I doubt they will anounce any more dates for North America this year. The LIFAD tour is ending on May 31, 2011 in Monterrey Mexico. After that the band will take a break and after the release of the Best Of in September they will tour Europe with a new stage show and setlist. The show at the 02 in Prague is the only leaked date. Then next year they will come back to the US and tour with the Best Of Album.

  2. I imagine that the concert was posted on the O2 site prematurely and they had to take it off. Most tours have all their dates announced in one release. Das Stein will probably be in Prague on Nov 11 though 🙂

  3. If you look at the calendar. Then you can see that they will play in november 2011. But this hasn’t been confirmed yet by Rammstein. I hope they’ll come to the rest of Europe also.


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