1. The article shows one more time how “banning” something can actually generate a very positive side effect. Their latest record release was banned by some politician girl in Germany, generating free publicity and greater attention, placing the record really high in european billboards. The band thanks the politician girl during the interview for such favor.

    On the other hand, by June the band will make the announcement regarding visiting countries in South America. We all hope the tour as many countries as posible in this side of the world; yet they say they don’t know how much “Benzin” they will have left after being away from home for so long, since their show is so demanding physicaly and emotionally.

    Expectation in Colombia is growing insane after the article was published.

    We all want them to come to Colombia to continue the scandal!!!

    Greetings from Colombia.

  2. is not confirmed yet that rammstein play in Argentina, Brasil, Colombia or any country en south america, but according to the interview is a fact that they will play in USA Canada and Mexico. in a few months they’ll confirm which south american countries will visit.

  3. It says in the eighth paragraph that the author heard that Rammstein is coming to the United States, Canada, and three South American countries. He started the paragraph by saying that he cannot confirm it, though.

  4. New say:
    is not a 100% oficial information, but in an interview for eltiempo. com (newspaper) from Colombia, Oliver Riedel said that Rammstein have plans to play in America, according the interview, the band have already considered to present a show in the american continent beginning in USA and Canada on next september, Mexico on october and 2 o 3 latinoamerican countries as could be Argentina and Brasil, and maybe could be present for first time in Colombia.

    it will be awesome!!!

  5. i used babelfish to translate. leaves the text somewhat jerky, but understandable. the author of the piece doesn’t sound like a fan, however reidel’s words are strong!


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