Rammstein to Play at Summer Festivals in 2013


Richard Kruspe granted this Friday another telephone interview, this time to NO CONTROL Radio station.

Richard Kruspe

Richard mentioned that after the concerts in North American soil are over, Rammstein will go on a short break to take care of personal affairs. The band shall return to active next year, to play at summer festivals through Europe. Richard also mentioned that Rammstein currently have no plans to produce a new album.

You can hear the full interview here (in English).


  1. You MUST come to Serbia again!!!! If you do not come, I’ll have to find you the closest to Serbia!!!


  2. Ive seen them twice now and I love them ,hope thay come to England again ,just want to know dates ASAP to get good seats

  3. @LittleLuckyLinz yes rammstein will return for the new album.
    Of course they will continue.Also about the end i mean the end of tour Made in germany not their career!!!

  4. @LittleLuckyLinz yes rammstein will return for the new album.
    Of course they will continue.Also about the end i mean the end of tour Made in germany not they career!!!

  5. @Andreas


    In the making of Mein Land, they said that they’d be touring and likely end up in the studio again. By “end up in the studio again” they mean that they will [possibly] return to the studio for a new album. Not that it’d be ending there.

  6. I think only Richard want this tour in 2013
    If you see mein land making of they said MiG will end in studio
    Also this plan of Richard it is not sure.We must wait

  7. hey i was sitting in the seats too! well more like standing haha i know the GA tickets were 300 bucks by the time i got to even buy my ticket!!!! i mean i was just sitting in my seat before the show and a rammstein crew member came over and offered me the after show bracelet and at first i thought it was a scam i was like is this really real?! haha, and then after the show there was like 25 of us that had bracelets and they just brought us backstage where the party was. i mean its pretty much luck i think but i did attend the show alone and a bunch of people that were around me were like “oh man you totally got it because you’re a girl and youre all by yourself!!!” (there was only 1 guy in the whole group of people that got picked)so its deffinatly an advantage of being a girl rammstein fan i guess???? :p

  8. How did you get that pass?!! How? I saw them just last week (Anaheim, CA) & the standing “floor” tickets were sold out quick :[ i mean, our seats weren’t that bad, but still. i really hope they come back; they are amazing!!!!!

  9. No kidding! i saw them in denver on 5/20/12 and got invited to their after show party? did anyone else get a bracelet and go? im kicking myself in the ass because i didnt attend and i relly want them to come back to the USA soon so i can get another shot haha :p !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I saw them live in Oslo 19/2-2012 and I just MUST see them again!I don`t think they will play in Norway that year,but I will try to go abroad to see them.That would be a nice holiday trip for me!Maybe they will play in Germany in 2013 for some summer festival there?It would be so nice to see them in their home country.To those of you that have not see them live:YOU MUST GO!!I promise you,it is an experience for life!They are the best,they are true artists!Rammstein für alles!!

  11. Hihi, Sziget. 😀 (@Csaba)
    I’m gonna work for Rammstein, and “Tour” with them on the forthcoming festivals, where they going to play if Gerendai can pay them to play at the Sziget.
    (But, no, probably I’m not going to work for them, ‘coz I’m almost a thirty year old pro huntress and as you can see, my profession is far away from the entertainment industry, but I would try to get in if I can)

    But, yes, I agree with U Csaba, “Must see them again, as much as I just can. :)”
    So I hope they will come back to Hungary once again in the near future!

  12. He said that they didn’t have plans for a [new] album. The MHB video is still a definite possibility.

  13. Hope they will play at Sziget Fesztivál 2013 in Hungary! Doubt it by hope. Must see them again, as much as I just can. 🙂

  14. They should definetly play on the LOWLANDS festival in Holland, Its the biggest alternative festival here and they never played it…

  15. doubt it will be sonisphere, as this years been cancelled HAHAH it was such a bad line up anyway! –

    I cans see RAMM headlining Download next year!

  16. I honestly misread this as “Rammstein to play at Summerfest in 2013.”

    Being from Milwaukee, that would have been a dream come true.


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