1. I’m upset that Oliver and Till didn’t speak.
    But still it was great!
    Does anyone know what Richard was holding next to Schneider when he showed what time it was?

  2. The making of Ich Tu Dir Weh was sooo awesome!
    Couldn’t stop laugh at Flake though… It looks to weird when he raises from the tub and makes those faces without any musc in the background !! xD

  3. Love these making-of’s. But yeah kinda sad that Till didn’t appear in it. May be he didn’t liked the clip. Maybe he was the one that wanted something else. Maybe there will be a remake of the clip like with “du riechst so gut”

  4. does anyone know if u can buy the single as a cd anywere in the uk been looking for it but all i can find is the download one was just wondering as would like to get it and the new viv is ace 🙂


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