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Finally we have some new information from the official source. On website Rammstein.com there is now following text available:

Now that the band has finished pre-production in Berlin for its new album, Operation “Album 6” is going forward full steam ahead. Christoph Schneider arrived in Los Angeles last week to meet with Jacob Hellner and production team (i.e., currently Ulf Kruckenberg and Florian Ammon) to undertake preparations for recording of all the drum tracks. Also to arrive in L.A. this week for the drum sessions, Paul and Richard. Finally, a studio has been rented near San Francisco for the bulk of the main recording work, and the band will go into retreat there for several weeks starting on November 9th, 2008.

Clear the decks, the Rammstein tanker is once again under steam!

Source: Rammstein.de


  1. Finally! 😀 We all have waited for so long now and it feels really good with some good news! 😀 I am very sure that they wont disappoint us 🙂


    I'm so exciteed! wow, i can't believe it, finally, we won't be dissapointed with this record, i'm sure.

    I'm waiting too, to receive the great notice, the most important one, the tour! I hope they decide to come to Amerika! and to argentina, beacause, there is where I live. so, thank you for the new.

    Greetings to all the rammstein fans

    wooooow estoi tan excitado! no lo puedo creer, finalmente, no seremos decepcionados con este disco estoi seguro de ello.

    tambien espero impaciente, a recibir la gran noticia, la mas importante, la gira ! espero decidan venir a amerika y a argentina sobre todo porque ahi es donde yo vivo. Bueno gracias por la noticia, saludos a todos los fans de rammstein!

  3. Finally, “a waiting has an End”. The first news on official site since winter. The new Rammstein era is coming :)))

  4. I am excited to hear new news about the new album. I saw this on their website earlier today, I'm very excited. I have heard humors that the new album is going to be released on the same day world wide. Don't quote me on this I'm not sure. But I am hoping it's true, if not I hope the Canadian and American release date will be the same 😀

  5. Well, hey at least we have some news. We know they wrote the songs which is something. So we're gonna get some new Rammstein soon! =D


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