Rammstein in Quebec on Sunday, July 18th 2010 – Quebec City Summerfestival

The Festival d’été, or Summer Festival (Full French name Festival d’été de Québec, full English name Quebec City Summer Festival) has been taking place annually since 1968. It is organised by groups of businesspersons and artists of Quebec City in order to show the artistic, economic, and touristic potential of the region. The Festival lasts 11 days and takes place over the first week of July.


  1. I was there. It was fucking amazing! First time I saw them live. Not the last though. Going to see them in NYC!!!

    Richard is so fucking hot!

  2. i cannot tell you exactly in what order they played it, i just dont remember , i was way too fucking excited lol, but here’s a brief setlist

    Ich tu dir weh
    Waidmanns Heil
    B******** (what’s the real name of this track and why is this censored btw ??)
    Frühling in Paris
    Keine Lust
    Links 2,3,4
    Feuer Frei!
    Ich Will
    Du Hast
    Du Riechst So Gut

    dunno if im missing any songs. just check youtube, there’s lot of videos.

  3. That was a pretty amazing show.
    Does anyone have a setlist from the show?
    I don’t think they played their full normal set.
    It didn’t matter, it was just awesome to get to see them!

  4. OH MY GOD THAT SHOW WAS FUCKIN EPIC!!! its the best show i ever saw!that was fuckin INSANE!!! at the end apocalyptica + rammstein on the same stage!

    that Concert was the biggest and longest orgasm I ever had!


    And please come back to Quebec city!!

  5. I’LL BE THERE !!!!! 50$ for the whole week….. to see Rammstein, Rush, Iron Maiden, Arcade Fire, Billy Talent, Social Distortion…. and Dream Theater….. They’ll be more than 100 000 people at this outside show….


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