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Sandberg Plasmabass (signature Oliver Riedel)

Sandberg plasmabass signature

Scale: 864 mm
Body: Acrylic glass
Neck: bolted, Canadian Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Hardware: Sandberg, ETS
Pickups: 2 delano JB
ElectronicsBois: In board lighting volume, PU-toggle
Price: 1900 Euro

Sandberg plasmabass signature

Sandberg Terra Bass (signature Oliver Riedel)

Sandberg Terra Bass

Scale: 864 mm
Body: European ash
Neck: bolted, Canadian Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Finish: Matt
Hardware: Sandberg, ETS
Pickups: 1 delano MM-Style
Electronics: Sandberg 3-band EQ active/passive

Price: 1000 Euro


Ampeg SVT2 Premiere Edition Amp
Ampeg SVT-410HE
Ampeg SVT15E


Oliver Riedel bass


  1. omg a plasma bass and only 1900 euros omg omg ilove u rammstein u are one of the best bands in the world i love rammstein ahhhhhhhhh omg oh by the way death to the traitor/hacker, i think we should first peal his skin then burn him arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr death to those who despise rammstein!

  2. Actually, he Does play or at least Played an Ibanez bass. It's all over the live shows on the Lichtspielhaus DVD.

  3. No he dosn't use a Ibanez, where did you get that from?

    He plays a custom Sandberg Basic MM 5 string.

    And also where did they get that from that he plays ampeg? Thats not true at all, He has a Glockenklang Heart-Rock amp, and uses 2 custom build 8×10 cabs.

    Please change that on your site!!! Ampeg has nothing to do with Rammstein…

    Good luck poeple!

  4. Sandberg Basic MM? I couldnt find it from sandberg.de. There is only Basic PM and JM? Are you sure he uses that? In which songs?


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