Rammstein Contest – Win a T-Shirt

What is this contest about

Because this website exists for quite a long time and we would like to attract more fans to make the widest community, we have decided (better to say I have decided) to make this contest. The goal is to attract more people to make the discussion better, to get new people who would like to help with the texts and so on.

What can you win

You can win a brand new t-shirt from our internet shop. You will be able to choose not only the clothing size (only from available sizes), but also the print which will appear on your t-shirt (again – you will have to choose one from those t-shirts in our e-shop)


How to win

Send an e-mail to [email protected]. The e-mail should contain a description of what you did to attract more fans to our site. According to what you write we will choose the winner. We recommend you to describe the way of promoting our website in some kind of interesting way! Remember to write “Contest” in the subject line of the e-mail.

Suggested ideas what to do:

  • Tell your friends (the easiest way)
  • Place a link on your website (this is the most effective way)
  • Talk about this website on other forums and recommend us
  • Write about this website, if you are a blogger
  • Write “Affenknecht” on your car and travel all around the world (if you really want to win the contest :))

Who will win

Affenknecht team will choose the best promoter who did the best job in bringing new people to this website. This winner will get a brand new t-shirt from our internet shop. We will contact the winner alfter the contest ends. The contest will end on December 10th, 2007.


  1. I consider email promotion as strong as word-of-mouth. With that combination your RAMMSTEIN-EUROPE should become a household word.

  2. rammstein for an english person(woman)they are looked at listened too every day they are great mmmmmmmm ive got to at least see them once in my life time even to travel to germany and stay their for a while so if their is any german people out their get in contact no timewasters


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