Paul Landers: South American concerts slightly reduced

Radionics Colombian radio interviewed Paul Landers. On this occasion, the guitarist revealed that because of transportation costs, the concerts in South America (and therefore logically North America) will be presented in a slightly reduced version of the complete show.

We know that the setlist, lights and decorations had been reduced for the summer festivals. We will be smarter after the gig in Chile on 25th November.
Source:, Caroline


  1. “One of the most interesting aspects about this is these guys themselves were willing to risk an incredible amount of money to bring 10 semis of gear over here for one show to try to present this production to the American audience,” Arfin says. “They risked it, put it all on the line to try to do this, and we all succeeded.”

    That right there says it all. I think they are all in for the US show. Its going to be killer.

  2. I agree. It is a bit of a disappointment. I’m really surprised at the lack of pyrotechnics they was able to bring with them. Du Hast was notably downscaled. I thought they would at least been able to have those badass LED towers they had on the Europe tour, since LED lighting is cheaper and doesn’t require as much power consumption, but instead they had like… 4 LED tubes?? Those really made the whole stage look real cheap imo. =/

    Still, there was some nice surprises such as Mein Teil making a comeback. 🙂 And I really enjoyed all the sparkly ejaculating dildos on Pussy, I loved that more than the foam cannon. It was very nice how the crowd so far has been extremely into it! 🙂 I hope they step up their game for Madison Square Garden and Montreal though, those are two of the biggest arenas in the entirety of America! Especially after all the hype, there’d be a lot of disappointment if they can’t give a bit of an upgrade to the stage. 🙁

  3. yeah, the show was almost totally reduced, they didn’t have the bathtub in ich tu dir weh,
    and the only lighting effects were strobe lights and some backlights, only one floor for the stage, real dissapointment…..

  4. Not to mention people are paying out of their ass to get tickets for MSG from scalpers. Im sure no matter how the pyro is theyll still kick ass 🙂

  5. I hope they don’t downgrade the US concert, I am going, and like everyone else, seeing as it is their first time in the US in 10 years and that 20,000 tickets sold out in under half an hour, I expect them to impress.

  6. Everyone just remember that this isn’t saying that the US concert will be downgraded just because the South American ones are, after all it is their only concert in the States, I’d expect them to pull out all the stops, especially if they’re filming their DVD there.

  7. Shhhh, I hope they fans there won’t be upset. I’m very curious what surprising will at the concert in New York perform (perhaps Rosenrot or Eisenmann).

  8. Nothing apart from the setlist was reduced on the summer festivals, save for the dolls in Wiener Blut, the under-stage ramp and the under-grill flame pyro used in Du Hast, which I assume was due to the limitations of the stage/setup time alloted and not the budget itself. Although they didn’t have the typical ‘breakthrough’ entrance as with their other shows (again stage limitations), they had two huge freakin curtain drops to make up for it!

    Early in the tour, Rammstein did perform on a smaller scale version of their stage, which had three back light fixtures instead of seven, two LED towers instead of four and five groups of 6×6 light matrix’s instead of nine. This occurred on Spain in Barcelona and the concerts in Switzerland in Basel and Geneva. I assumed this was because they wanted to try out a smaller variation of the rig, for purposes such as preparing for the festivals. However, at the festivals they still have their full stage which was impressive! So perhaps, they might not downscale the stage at all, but maybe just cut one or two songs that use pyro? Who knows, we’ll have to wait and see. 😉


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