New album to be expected in spring 2019 according to Paul Landers

In a very recent interview given to, Paul Landers disclosed more details about the upcoming Rammstein album.

Here is what he said:

“Right now, it looks like this new record will be coming out next spring, and what we’ve been mainly doing is playing together in a circle, with all the guys in one room. We all go into the mixing desk and I had my PL1 prototype going direct. Same for the some of the other guys – our drummer has these electronic drums, so we’ve been using that to play a bunch of ideas together.

“It hasn’t been like a pre-production where each member is alone; it’s been more of an all-together kind of thing. We liked the sound of it so much that we’ve decided to make the record more of a band-unit recording than a bunch of guys playing separately. We’ll have to see how it all ends up on the record, but the basic idea is you are hearing a band playing… you could say it’s inspired by our live sound. That’s exactly what we’re going for. The PL1 really helped on that front because it had every sound I needed.”



  1. We’rent they already saying back in 2016 “it’s coming for fall 2017 or before summer 2018 worst case scenario”

    Yet still waiting .. Jesus this stuff better be good like ever

  2. Well I’m fucking hyped. It’s been a long time since Liebe ist fur alle da, and I’m sure Rammstein will top themselves with the new album.

    Maybe 20 songs this album please? Haha, I’m joking :p
    I want 30. 😉

  3. what the hell?
    articles seem to contradict eachother.
    one says album is nearly finished, other one for end 2018 release and now this spring 2019 shit?!


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