Metal Hammer UK Rammstein Special

Metal Hammer UK will be releasing this month’s issue on Wednesday 21st of October and to celebrate the release of “Liebe Ist Für Alle Da” you can order a special edition of the magazine HERE. This edition has what they call a “cross” case representing Rammstein obviously!

The Metal Hammer site is even emblazoned with a background created using pictures from the LIFAD artwork!


  1. “Donaukinder” is the stand out one for me and its one of the bonus tracks. I’ll decide in the next few days what my favourite one from the first 11 is. Love the album though!

    Barcelona in Nov then the Birmingham gig! 😀

  2. just listened to the album all the way through…..strangely I usually go for the heavier tracks but my fave songs up to now are fruhling in paris and roter sand woo!….bring on Manchester in february


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