1. @Inger Jensen, the scars on his chest are absolutely real from his usage of the metal wings he wears when they perform Engel live.

  2. I think that the meaning in this video clip are about “monsters” who get their strenght and survive by injecting childrens tears into their own blood.And I do not think that Till`s scar are for real,I think that they have very good make up artists.But I can of course be wrong.Any way,this is pure art!!Rammstein have done it again.As you think that they can`t do anything better,they give you a slap in the face…ha ha ha in Rammstein way!!I love these guys music,No one over them,no one on the side of them,but a hell of a lot under them!!!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR TO RAMMSTEIN!!

  3. @Luke Moroney, maybe you are the faggot. Rammstein are playing cellos, not violins. Those are end pins on the cellos, not strings. Facts, not negatives. You choose to call people names and make it negavtive. If you think this will endear you to Rammstein, think again. Dummer Abfall des Raumes!

    Till has always had scars from performing. I love them, its part of who he is. Love this video!

  4. That was a great video. I JUST watched 28 days later as well so there are a few small similarities. But for the wait that was so worth it. R+LIFE !!!!

  5. @wichser nice to see you pointed out the negatives faggot.

    I believe the video is about the dreams children have inside their head, thus the house. Then as men or adults they escape these bad dreams because they know they’re not reality, but the dreams still sit deep within their heart.

    Till received those scars from the wings he wears during engel in both the lifad and mig tours. It said this inside that magazine

  6. The scars are REAL? I’ve seen the magazine cover with Till and his scars, and the videos.. I had assumed they were just makeup.

  7. Nadja, I went to one of the final shows of the tour and in a radio interview they said that they had just filmed a music video.

  8. Floriella, no. Those scars did not appear during the shoot, they have been there since close to the end of the Made in Germany tour.

  9. I think it’s about how children enter the world and succumb to the harsh and painful realities of life and at the end of the video we see them come out of the house as men however they are still tormented and this matches the phrase “mein herz brennt” . It’s a fantastic video however very eerie, typical rammstein though I guess 🙂 loved it !

  10. OMG those strings sticking out of Till’s bleeding chest… Dowch!!! O.o And now I think he got those mysterious scars during the shoot.
    Loved it! Just loved it!!!!! <3
    It was golden.

  11. I thought that the clip would be about child abuse like pedophilia or child slavery, but i didn t get the meaning of the videclip…
    what was the operation room thing?

  12. May I say how god damn epic this film clip is. The opening scene where they are all playing the violin, my heart was pounding. I’ve never been so gripped to a music video. Amazing Rammstein, the 11 year wait was so worth it


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