Made in Germany to be released in November


So it’s finally here!!! On the website Record Shop X you can find the release date for the upcoming album Made In Germany: 30.November 2011. Another online shop – states all versions of MiG: 1 CD, 2CDs or a Boxset with 5 CD and 1 DVD. The date on Amazon is 28.November 2011.


  1. Thank you Richards Biggest Fan. That is weird about your postings! I think I will see them in May again. My heart skips beats thinking about seeing them in concert as well!!! I am female.

  2. Think you are forgiven a spelling mistake as you are such a big fan.
    I get excited too, get a rapid heart beat just thinking about the new album and concert in February lol!!

  3. I think we can forgive your spelling mistake as you are such a big fan.
    I get excited easy as well, i even get rapid heart beat when i think of the new album and the live concert in February.

  4. Damn, I get excited and spell RAMMSTEIN wrong! Verzeihen Sie mir Rammstein, Fan für immer liebe euch alle!

  5. I am confused on the UK Amazon site as well Michelle. I understand that the box set is two audio Cds and three Dvds. All the videos to date and some footage of their live performance. Could the live shows be of Madison Square Garden and Canada? I hope so! I don’t think the price will go down, so I have to save save save. Also save to see them here in the spring, but so much to look forward too!!!! Cant wait! I want to dance on stage with Flake, haha! Rammestein Rules!!!

  6. I am really confused at this point, fan. But I ordered the 5 disc-1 DVD boxset at 40-something Euros, because there is another one that costs 116, but there’s only 5 discs. I guess we have to wait a little longer 😉

  7. Hello Michelle, you have a valid question. After checking on the Amazon UK site, I can’t see what the region is for the Dvd part of the set. It does come from Europe. I did read where there will be a version for the U.S. released as well. I canceled my UK order. You have time to do the same and wait for the US version.

    I have ordered music and videos from Apocalyptica and The Deathstars on their European sites. They always have the U.S versions available too. I got excited and jumped the gun on this one! 😀

  8. Thanks fan! 🙂 But I’m just wondering about the DVD, since they’re in the UK, and we’re in the States, what about the DVD region? It would be a shame if we got PAL instead of NTSC. Also, like, does anybody wonder why there are 5 discs? Oh, forget it, I’m ordering it too! 😀

  9. I agree we must make the most of the time left to us. I will have to make do with my brothers band who play Rammstein covers lol!! Also i have heard rumours that Richard is working on a new CD with Emigrate, not the same i know but at least the GOD will carry on.


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