Rammstein Vergiss uns nicht lyric with English translation

Als wir uns zusammen steckten
Mit den Hüften, wie Insekten
Begann mich selber zu versprühen
Und das Feld fing an zu blühen
Die Saat war gut und früh das Jahr
Doch der Boden nicht fruchtbar war

Der alte Schoß wollte nicht empfangen
Und all die winzig kleinen Schlangen
Fielen durch das Lendengitter
Und befreiten ein Gewitter

Vergiss uns nicht
Weißt du noch, im März…?
Der Vater hat das Feld bestellt
Der Mutter brach das Herz

Die Kinder stiegen aus der Haut
Auf den Grund und sangen laut
Wo ich mich selber ausgesät
Mein Herz in toter Erde steht

Vergiss uns nicht
Weißt du noch, im März…?
Der Vater hat das Feld bestellt
Der Mutter brach das Herz

Vergiss uns nicht
Weißt du noch, im Mai…?
Der Vater hat sein Herz verlor’n
Der Mutter brach’s entzwei

Lyric © Rammstein
As we put us together
By the hips, like insects
I began to spray myself about
And the field began to blossom
The sowing was good and the season early
But the soil was not fertile

The old womb was unwilling to receive
And all the tiny little snakes
Fell through the loin grating
And unleashed a storm

Do not forget us
Do you remember, in March…?
The father took care of the field
The mother’s heart broke

The children rose from within the skin
Onto the ground and sang aloud
Where I had sown myself
There my heart stands in dead soil

Do not forget us
Do you remember, in March…?
The father took care of the field
The mother’s heart broke

Do not forget us
Do you remember, in May…?
The father’s heart had gone lost
The mother’s heart broke in two

Translation © Affenknecht.com

Translation submitted by Funkenstoss. Thank you.


  1. Hey Funkenstoss

    About the dative case and the interpretation of the last two lines. Could you explain why it’s dative and not genitive? I read as das Herz der Mutter (genitive) and not dative? Am I wrong?

    • In modern German, genitive is falling by the wayside and being replaced with dative. There is an implied dative preposition there. It works both ways. Das ist das Haus meiner Mutter. Vs. Das ist das Haus von meiner Mutter.

  2. “Not their best work. Neither was “Mein Land”. They need to try harder”

    maybe because its only a b-side track on the single of a bonus song of a best of album (which cant be considered a normal album either)

  3. Thanks it was late and I paraphrased badly (should not post when tired). You’re right and that’s what I intended to say 🙂

  4. FGH,
    the lyrics say you don’t notice it when it stings you

    “While you sleep, you don’t notice that it stings you”

  5. ^ I forgot to add, the insect imagery links up to the video for ‘Links 2-3-4’ and we also have insects being referenced in ‘Sehnsucht’ when the lyrics talk about longing being hidden like an insect, and you only notice it when it stings you.

  6. Hmm… I am reading the German lyrics and also everybody’s interpretation with great interest. My very strong feeling is that the imagery being used is supposed to somehow link up with the ‘Mutter’ album and also the song. It has been well documented that ‘Mutter’ was a very difficult album for the band to produce and it almost resulted in their breaking up, but of course we know that they came back from that 🙂 Perhaps this song is a reflection on that time? There are so many illusions, such as the heart (‘Mein Herz brennt’) and the idea of the heart being buried in the ground (in this case there is a parellel with the child in ‘Spieluhr’, who was of course rescued!).

    The band have said time and again that Rammstein and the music are what they are not despite, but because of the various influences each member brings to the band. So the first lines could be talking about how the band came together and tried to make something (Rammstein) but the ‘alte Schoß’ (or the way that things used to be, the old creative process which we know ended up causing big difficulties) wasn’t able to create the music they wanted to. The storm which breaks out could be the fall out from the making of the ‘Mutter’ album.

    Then the chorus ‘vergiss uns nicht’ might actually be a call to the bandmembers themselves. No matter what happens, don’t forget what we have made here.

    Of course, I am sure that the truth lies somewhere in between each of our interpretations 🙂 Perhaps we are closer to the truth than we think… or else we are completely missing the mark!

    Just another (perhaps tenuous) point, I do wonder if the father being referred to is in fact Richard. As the instigator of the band, and also the one who took some time out to pursue the Emigrate project as a result of the events surrounding the production ‘Mutter’ (and it has been well recorded that his attitude during the making of the album was one of the key points causing friction). It seems to make sense that he is the father being talked about here, and the rest of the band (the mother) and the music they have created (the baby?) are asking him not to forget them.

    In any case, it’s another great song for us to debate the meaning of 🙂

  7. Oh Mein Gott! It does sounds like it’s intended to be a farewell song. It all makes sense, why ele have a best of cd and a dvd with all the videos. And Till did talk bout retireing at 50 and he’s already 49. But nein it cant be. Rammstein ist für und immer nicht nie mehr. if it is true then ich liebe dich Rammstein

  8. I see alot of people who are afraid that Rammstein will stop, I was so too because of the best off album etc. But I got to go backstage after the show a week ago, and Christop told me that they are not going to stop! The tour ended this week, they have 4 to 5 weeks of now and then they will continue to work again. Next summer, 2013 they will be playing at festivals again! A new DVD is also in the making for a while now, and another new one was being filmed this week! Nothing to worry about so far 🙂

  9. This is my interpretation. The father and mother had been trying to get pregnant. They were unsuccessful, she was thought to be infertile. However this broke the husbands heart, he left her, but she fell pregnant. Do not forget us, meaning the child and the mother. Obviously breaking her heart too. It’s entirely an interpretation, and how I view the song. So no knit picking.

  10. not to fear guys this song is about a couple not being able to have a baby, the band are not splitting up all though it does look like they are

  11. As in Mutter, this song is about abortion. Too many times the father is not told…or given a choice (all about choice right?). No matter what the circumstances, most of which are not desirable for children, abortion is a devastating pain on both would-be parents. Only Rammstein could have captured it so…

  12. Why would this be a farewell song LOL rammstein wouldnt end like this but i do love how they stir the minds of people

    I interpret it as a Father who is absent from or detached from the mother and kid as sung from tills view as the kid and he feels his dad might forget them

    farewell WHAT?? oh and mein land lol political views on anti immigration lol What the

  13. @Hans
    I didn’t think it was a farewell song neither. Watch the making of Mein Land on youtube, and the guys confirm that they are not breaking up.
    Like Richard says: Don’t believe the hype. So I will try not to believe most of the people from affenknecht, lol


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