Looking for additional administrators

As you can see, the English version is updated regularly, but I can not say the same about some other languages. Here we go with the current situation:

  • DE – yes, there are some updates, but it could be more intensive
  • CS – I am trying hard to update it
  • FI – this is just excellent
  • RU – no active admin, CONTACT ME
  • PO – very non-active recently. More admins appreciated.
  • SP – no active admin, CONTACT ME
  • IT – no active admin, CONTACT ME
  • FR – static, no development scheduled
  • RO – static, no development scheduled
  • Please if you want to be admin of your language and speak also English (to communicate with me), feel free to contact me at [email protected] It such a shame now, when the new album is coming, that some languages are not updated at all.


    1. Simone, can you please submit your email once again? I tried to send you an e-mail, but it was not able to deliver it (some typo?)

    2. Hello,

      my mothertongue is italian, and I speak english and german at least decently.
      Feel free to contact me, either via mail or msn.


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