JUDAS PRIEST guitarist says IRON MAIDEN bassist influenced his behaviour on stage


In a recent interview for Paltrocast With Darren Paltrowitz, JUDAS PRIEST guitarist Richie Faulkner talked about where he draws inspiration for his energetic and engaging stage charm:

“I toured a lot with Lauren Harris, who is the daughter of Steve Harris of IRON MAIDEN, and we hung out with IRON MAIDEN quite a bit. I was always watching Steve and paying attention to the fact that Steve was always up front, he was always looking people in the face and singing along with them – it was eye contact, he was pointing at them. And I always thought that in this day and age of YouTube and videos and things like that, it’s impossible to recreate that kind of interaction. I’ve embraced that. And I think that’s partly – at least partly – influenced my behavior on stage. It’s an interaction that you as a fan, when you walk out of the concert hall, you can’t recreate. That interaction with the artist on stage, whether it’s the guitarist or the singer or the drummer – whoever – you can’t recreate that interaction that happens at a certain point in time. I think that’s very valuable. So I think part of the reason I’m like this is because of Steve Harris and the way he interacts with the audience.”


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