Huge press Völkerball presentation

Rammstein Austria has released some interesting information about new DVD Völkerball. You can read the original in German or an English translation of this text.

Quotation: In terms of adding flesh to bones, the two documentaries go further than ever before in revealing what it is that keeps the Rammstein flame burning as brightly as it does. “˜Anakonda Im Netz’ is the more “˜official’ of the pair, featuring interviews with all of the band members as well as manager Emanuel Fialik; in the course of 53 minutes, it examines a whole range of topics, from the pure logistics of keeping Rammstein on the road through to the group’s regular pre-show ritual (clue: it involves alcohol) plus the ups & downs of life as a touring musician ““ which in this particular case can involve either being burnt or having your shoes ripped off.


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